STV centrifugal fans

STV centrifugal fans are middle pressure fans. They have extremly stabile performance curve.

Tehnichal details


STV centrifugal fans are mainly used in places where small airflow and relatively high pressure rise is needed (up to 10000 Pa). With standard STV fans gas temperature should not exceed 100°C.

STV fans are mainly used for:

  • pneumatic material transport
  • In vacuum machines / tables
  • In chemical and process industry
  • Cement industry

STV fans have stabile performace in whole range of airflow (from 0 to max). Construction of STV fans does not allow any hanging of ventilation ducts without additional support.

STV centrifugal fans are manufactured in 13 different sizes. Outlet flange arrangments are in accordance with ISO standards.

Standard STV fans are only manufactured with direct drive (impeller directly mounted on motor shaft).

m3/s max. airflow

Pa max pressure rise

different STV sizes

STV fans have stabile performace in whole range of airflow (from 0 to max).


STV fans are only manufactured as:

  • SIMPLEXsingle inlet


STV fans are manufactured only in “e” drive arrangment, where impeller is directly mounted to the motor shaft

Performance curves and dimensional sketches

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