NVT centrifugal fans

NVT centrifugal fans – low-pressure industrial with high efficiency

NVT centrifugalni (radijalni) ventilatori
NVT centrifugal fans 1
NVT centrifugalni ventilatori - brodska izvedba

High efficiency fans

NVT centrifugal fans are high efficiency fans where efficiency goes up to  83 %

Marine design

NVT centrifugal fans are available also in marine design. This type of NVT fan has more ridgid housing than standard NVT fan.


NVT centrifugal fans are also available in ATEX design (explosion-proof version)

Technical description


NVT centrifugal fans are low-pressure used for ventilation in places were required pressure does not exceed 1500 Pa and air flow requirements are in between 0.1 and 20 m3/s. In case of direct drive air temperature should not exceed 60°C or 100°C in case of belt drive.

Because of NVT fans cover wide area of air flow they are used in wide area of applicaton such as: ventilation and air conditioning systems of public and industrial buildings, in agriculture machinery, ships and shipyards.

NVT centrifugal fans have specially designed impellers that enable NVT fans to have relatively high air flow with low to medium pressure rise.


NVT fans up to size NVT-280 are manufactured only as a single intake fans in direct drive (labeled as NVTe). Sizes from NVT-560 up to  NVT-900 are manufactured only in belt drive version (labeled as NVTr).

NVT-315 up to NVT-900 can have multiple different positions of outlet flange according to sketches in below.

Pa max. pressure rise

m3/s max. air flow

Technical characteristics
NVT - 160
NVT - 180
NVT - 200
NVT - 225
NVT - 250
NVT - 280
NVT - 315

NVT – 315 s direktnim prijenosom snage

NVT – 315 s remenskim prijenosom snage

NVT - 355

NVT – 355  s direktnim prijenosom snage

NVT – 355  s remenskim prijenosom snage

NVT - 400

NVT – 400 s direktnim prijenosom snage

NVT – 400 s remenskim prijenosom snage

NVT - 450

NVT – 450  s direktnim prijenosom snage

NVT – 450 s remenskim prijenosom snage

NVT - 500

NVT – 500 s direktnim prijenosom snage

NVT – 500 s remenskim prijenosom snage

NVT - 560
NVT - 630

Photo gallery of NVT fans

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