Due to the current epidemiological situation in Europe, it is of particular interest to protect the health of all people. At this point, it is important that we all contribute to the collective well-being and adjust our lives and our  business to the current situation. Aware of the seriousness of the current situation, we decided to change our working hours and to make possible for our employees to work from home.

Until further notice working time is from 08:00 to 14:30 every working day (Mon – Fri).

Business offices in Zagreb will be closed and workers will work from home most of the time. Due to the precaution, but also the protection of our employees, communication with clients will be possible only by telephone or e-mail. Meetings will be postponed to a latter, more convenient time or if necessary can be arranged by via Skype / Google Hangouts / Zoom. We apologize to all parties in advance for possible delays in responding to inquiries.

The contracted and already ordered goods will be delivered on time.

We ask for your understanding for this emergency situation.

Your VKT team.